8 Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Who run the world? Apps.

Apps are a massive part of each of our lives in the age of smartphones. Smartphones are so common, no one even calls them smartphones anymore! They are just phones.

There are some apps that waste your time (actually a lot of them!), some that make you more productive, some that entertain you, and so much more. How do you even choose between the millions of apps you can download?! To help you out a little, I’m sharing my 8 favorite apps to make my life easier.

I should maybe say that I am an iPhone user and these are all iPhone apps I’m about to share with you. Sorry Android users… :(


1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is basically a virtual checklist with reminders. Much like the Apple Reminders app, but much better. You can have recurring reminders, notes, files attached to each task, and you can share the task list with multiple people. I use this app for all my business and personal tasks because you can separate them out by lists.

You can even assign tasks to different members of each list. Great for families and business partners! I have a few private lists and then my business lists are shared with my business partner so we can both see what is going on.


2. Podcasts

This app is already on your iPhone because it’s an Apple app. I just recently started listening to podcasts regularly and let’s just say they have changed my life! Podcasts are so informational and FREE. Yes, free! You can hop on over to my post about my favorite podcasts to get started!

3. Libby

246x0w (1).jpg

Now, Libby is an amazing app if your local library uses it. Your local library might use a different one, but I’m guessing they are pretty similar. If you don’t have a library card, you are going to want to get one!

The Libby app lets user with a library card read ebooks and audiobooks for free! Your local library puts all their available ebooks and audiobooks on the app and rents them out through Libby. It's the best because you don’t have to return the books to the actual library, they just disappear from your “shelf” in the app. Great way to get a few more books read while you’re driving or working out!

246x0w (2).jpg

4. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is probably considered a social media app, but it’s great for communicating with long distance friends or relatives. It can be hard to schedule a skype chat or phone call when everyone’s schedules are different. Plus, time zones… they can really mess with you!

Marco Polo is basically a video walkie talkie app. You record a video of yourself and it’s sent over to the intended recipient and they can watch it anytime they want. Then, they can respond when they have the time to. It doesn’t disappear like Snapchat and you don’t have to hold the button down the whole time! It’s just an easy way to connect with people far away or just people you’d like to see more often.



PLANN is an Instagram post scheduler. So, if you’re not too worried about your Instagram and don’t use it for business, this one may not be for you.

PLANN is free for 1 account and is pretty inexpensive if you want to have multiple Instagram accounts on there. It not only allows you to schedule out your Instagram posts, but also lets you plan out your Insta grid by having a preview of all your posts. You can drag and drop your posts until it looks like you want it to, then you can schedule them in that order! I was using 2 apps to do this before, now it’s all in one which makes my life way easier!

6. Thriftbooks


Thriftbooks is where I buy 90% of my books. If it’s not available in the Libby app, I go to Thriftbooks and buy it! I don’t think I’ve spent more than $6 on a book from Thriftbooks. Plus, you can earn points and get free books! It’s really the best way to go! The only downfall I have seen is that new books are not usually available or they aren’t the best prices. So, if you want a newly released book, I recommend buying it somewhere else.


7. Amazon

I have probably deleted and redownloaded the Amazon app 10 times. I keep thinking I shouldn’t have it because it's way too easy to buy stuff from it. But, that’s what makes it so amazing! Need to buy something (literally anything), go in the Amazon app and buy it in like .2 seconds. Saves time, but not necessarily money. I’ve learned that there are certain things you just don’t buy on Amazon because it’s not a good deal at all. But, I do get quite a few monthly necessities from it, so the app is helpful.

8. Google Calendar


Last but not least, an app I use quite often to stay organized and save time is the Google Calendar app. Yes, I still use the iCal app but for different things.

So, the iCal app I use for personal appointments and events. Google calendar has far more features for my business related calendars. I make content schedules for clients, have a shared calendar with my business partner, and even have a calendar for my blog schedule. This just helps me separate the business from the personal a little more and doesn't bog down my personal calendar with business stuff. But, I did integrate my business calendar into my iCal so I can view it there if I want!

Alright, there you have it! 8 apps that I use daily. Try them out and see if they help you. If not, make them shake and hit that X to delete them!