New hair, who dis?

What is it with women and changing their hair so much? No seriously... when a woman changes her hair she's about to change the world! Am I right!?!

The Theory

The other day I did something kind of crazy... I cut and colored my own hair! Yes, by myself. On my own. Alone. Some of you are gasping as you fall out of your chair. It sounds crazy, but I just needed a change. Have you ever felt that way? You don't want to cut your hair, dye it a new color, or style it a different way. You need to. Why is this? Here is my theory>>>

Women change their hair so the world knows something internal has changed. It is an outward signal when really the important change happened internally.

Rock the Boat


When a woman changes her hair, it's not just a new look to show off to the world. She is showing she is making a change in her life. She is announcing to the world she's about to rock the boat. It may be a small rock or it could be that she needs to tip the boat over!

The change can be as small as switching what side you part your hair. Any change, big or small, is a sign that somethings going to happen. It may be after a breakup, before a job change, or while you are discovering something new about yourself. I think that's why so many women change their hair after getting married or having kids! Those are major life moments that need a new hair style!

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chanel



I've changed by hair not even knowing the reason behind it. I just figured I wanted a change... and that was it. But, once I thought about it more I realized that there was always a reason behind the change.  I wanted everyone to see a change on me because something changed in me. An internal change isn't something the world an see. But a new hair style or color? Yes, the world sees that.

When I look back, most of my hair changes were around big life events.  Starting High School, High school graduation, living on my own for the first time, and job changes. But most of the changes came along with less obvious changes such as gained self-confidence, growing relationship with God, reading a book that changed my perspective, the loss of something, better self awareness, or I was about to make a major change in some area of my life that wasn't something you told an acquaintance when you run into them at Starbucks!

This Time

The reason I ran to the closest drug store and bought some hair dye is that my life has had some major shifts in it. Both big outward changes (like going full-time with my business) and small internal changes. It's like I had this feeling that I was about to burst out of the seams and the only way to express it was to dye my hair dark. I mean, pretty much black!

But also, I love fall... So that could have also been a deciding factor. I was shedding my light and summery brown hair for a dark and rich fall look. Sometimes just a change in the season is a trigger for a new do. We see change around us and that signals we need to change as well.

Not in a big way, but in a way that gives us new found confidence or excitement. I'm not saying that we need to "change with the times" or match what is going on around us by any means. But, every once in a while those external changes remind us of how far we've come or changed in the last season of our lives.

Self Expression


Our hair is such an expression of who we are. Am I right? It's very similar to your clothing style or makeup choices. It gives a vibe out to the world as to who you are, or in some cases who you want to be. For the longest time I thought I had to keep up with the trends. Jump on the bandwagon of the latest makeup trend or figure out how to wear the newest runway fashion trends.

Then I realized that what I wear or do to my hair should express who I am, not what the world is fascinated with at the time. I remember when my hair started getting curly not knowing anything about styling curly hair. Plus, it was when stick straight, no frizz, and no hair out of place hairstyles were popular. If you didn't have stick straight blonde hair with the weird angled bangs, what were you even doing?

Before the curls introduced themselves

Before the curls introduced themselves

I was so excited when I got my first straightener for Christmas. I literally opened it and ran into the bathroom to straighten my hair immediately! I wanted to look like everyone else. I wanted to fit in with the times. As I got older, I have come to love my curly hair! It is such an expression of my personality and who I am! It's a natural part of me that God decided to give me when I was 10 or 11 (who knows why it took so long!). But, His timing is perfect, right?

Who you are is beautiful and unique! You don't need to make changes to who you are for anyone but yourself. If you are going to change your hair, do it for you! Do it for the sake of change... or do it for the expression of change in your life. It doesn't really matter as long as it stays true to who you are.