My 5 Favorite Podcasts

Recently, I have become a bit obsessed with Podcasts! They are so informational and relatable. They are perfect to put on while your cleaning, working out, driving, or getting some work done. I believe that it is so important to always be learning. Your capacity to learn doesn’t disappear the second you graduate from school. To be completely honest, I think the best learning is when you’re outside of the classroom! School teaches you how to learn so you can continue to learn outside of the controlled environment of a classroom.

If you stop learning, you become stagnant. When you become stagnant, you allow yourself to live in your comfort zone.  When you live in your comfort zone, you aren’t in the area of growth where God wants you to be. God wants us to learn, grow, and study throughout our entire lives.

As Brian Herbert so eloquently put it:

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

So, here are my 5 favorite podcasts to listen to:

1. Goal Diggers by Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is basically a marketing and business mastermind! She started off as a wedding photographer and worked her butt off to create her business into the empire it is today. She helps other photographers grow their business by sharing how she did it. She also teaches business owners how to use social media and online marketing.

You guessed it, I love this podcast because it is relevant to my online marketing business. But, she talks about far more than just technical marketing tips and tricks on her podcast. I highly recommend you give it a listen! You may even get inspired to start that business you’ve always dreamt about but didn’t know where to start!

2. The Real Life Podcast with Jeff & Alyssa Bethke

Jeff Bethke is that guy who posted the Youtube video titled Why I Love Jesus But Hate Religion. Yes, that dude! Him and his wife share so much wisdom on living for Christ, parenting, and marriage. Now, I don’t have kids and I’m not married, but they provide so much wisdom that I KNOW will be helpful when I am in the stage of life.

They also share so many honest truths about what they struggle with or have on their hearts that week. They are both authors, so you should really pick up their books! I’ve read almost all of them, so I can vouch for their amazingness! But seriously, whatever stage of life you are in, I highly recommend the Real Life Podcast.

3. Woah That’s Good with Sadie Robertson

Alright, Sadie Robertson is fantastical. Just had to start with that! You may recognize her name from Duck Dynasty. She has become an amazing speaker and all around public advocate for God. She founded Live Original, which is a focused on making an impact on her generation and teaching God’s word.

I have to confess, I have never seen Duck Dynasty nor have I read any of her books. But, I plan to order them soon! She is just such a light in this world that desperately needs positive people. I hope you will take a listen to her podcast that interviews people and asks them what is the best advice they’ve been given. My favorite episode is when she interviews Bob Goff, cause he’s amazing!

4. Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis

Ah Rachel Hollis. If you haven’t heard of her book Girl, Wash Your Face, I’m pretty sure you live under a rock. In fact, you need to read my blog post about the Top 3 Lessons From Reading Girl, Wash Your Face. Now that you’ve done that, I can tell you more about her podcast!

The Rise Podcast is all about living your best life and not letting yourself believe the lies you tell yourself. It is a powerful and motivational podcasts with truths pretty much everyone needs to hear! She does have a few episodes of her reading chapters from her book, so you can get a little taste of it on there as well!

5. Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

Girls Night is a more recent favorite of mine! It is such a fun and light podcast with the host, Stephanie, having a girls night with different friends of hers every episode. They talk about things that you’d normally talk about at a girls night in with your friends. They provide wisdom, lessons, and tips for all things related to being a girl in this crazy world.