The 5 Best Things About Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season! The days get cooler and outside gets more colorful! Plus, wearing boots and scarves becomes not only accepted but practical. Fall means sipping warm drinks while snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, that Christmas is coming soon, and that ski season is almost upon us. It’s really a season of transition and expectation.

One: The Colors

I mean, how can you not enjoy the beautiful fall colors when the leaves change?! The bright yellows, deep reds, and rich oranges make for a gorgeous environment! The colors changing signal a time of excitement and calm all at the same time. You feel excited for what's to come, but also look forward to the coziness of your favorite sweater or spending your Saturdays picking pumpkins and baking.

Fall is the essence of all my favorite things. But most importantly, it has all my favorite colors. Burnt orange, burgundy, dark green, mustard yellow, and so much more! Also, it’s so much more acceptable to wear black everyday than in the summer. I swear 90% of my closet is black!

Two: Hygge


[ˈh(y)o͞oɡə, ˈho͝oɡə]


a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).


Hygge has become quite the buzz word the past few years. So, I’m jumping on the trend train because I think it has a beautiful definition. This Danish word to me could be the only thing sitting in the dictionary’s definition of fall.

There are books, articles, and how-tos dedicated to this one word. I think a big part of that is people often forget to slow down and experience contentment. We are always on the go with no time to even learn how to pronounce the word hygge. Fall is a beautiful time to include hygge in your life. It is a time to slow down and enjoy the scenery.



Three: Cold Mornings and Nights

Am I the only one who loves waking up with their nose just a little cold on the very tip because of the cool fall morning air? Or sleeps better when the room is a little cooler? Ok let’s be honest, the best part of all of that is piling on all the extra blankets and being buried in your bed until next Tuesday.

The chill in the air just puts a big smile on my face! It is a signal that the craziness of summer is coming to an end and we can slow down for a little bit before the holiday season. Also, all the more reason to get another pumpkin spice latte or one of those pecan caramel cinnamon lattes that every coffee shop seems to have now.


Four: Leggings & Boots

I was going to title this one fall clothing, but I think boots & leggings needs a category all to themselves! Boots are my biggest weakness when I’m out shopping. It could be 120 degrees out and I’ll still get excited about cute boots! No more of those uncomfortable sandals. No more making sure your toenail polish is on point. Just you and your oh so comfy boots!

Not sure what to wear? Leggings and boots. Not in the mood to get dressed up for that event you have to go to? Leggings and a cute tunic (and boots). Leggings are a fall staple. They are not only wanted, but needed.


Five: Christmas is Getting Closer

Some of you may be shaking your head at this one (Or all of them really…). The only time of year I love more than fall is Christmas time! You may think Christmas is stressful or overwhelming, which in some cases it is. For me and my family, we view it as a time to enjoy each others company, celebrate Jesus, and create lasting memories. I feel extremely lucky to have grown up in a family that doesn’t stress over having a perfect Christmas.

The only consistent tradition we have is getting together and eating some type of food. Seriously. Nothing else is the same from year to year. One year all we did was get Panda Express. Doesn’t matter what the food was or what was going on in our lives, it was the people we were with. Fall seems to be when we really start thinking about the holidays and setting our expectations for what this year might bring.